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Gagan84 3 Column Blogger Template By 84Productions

Yesterday I released my another blogger template called Gagan84. It was a 2 column template and many of you requested me to create a 3 column template of the same design. So here is a 3 column template on special request of Huzefa Juzar and Amith

Screenshot :

Lets have a look at some of the features of this template :

1) Fluid Width : This template has a unique feature called fluid width, it means that this template automatically fits the screen of any size.

2) 3 Column : Its a 3 column , blue colored template that means more place to put widgets. It also got space to put 468 x 60 ad at the top right.

3) Quick Load : I have not added any heavy graphics in this template. This template loads very quickly.

4) Search Bar : In built search bar.

Note : This template is given for free but in return I only want that do not remove credits from the footer.

5) Comment Box : New comment box has been included in by default.

Troubleshoot :

1) Placing logo : The default size of the logo is 200 x 73 pixels and I recommend you to use this size logo only.

2) Recent Post and Comment : As you can see that I have used Feedburner service to add recent post to my template. If you want to add the same feature please refer to this post of mine on how to add recent comment and recent post widget using Feedbuner.

3) Last time I was getting a lot of emails that some widgets were not working, so take into consideration I have not added any script. This time you have to add widgets on your own. Below are some tutorials that will help you to understand Blogger Templates more :

a) How To Show Only Post Titles In Blog Archives
b) How To Activate Emphasize <em> Tag In Your Blog
c) How To Create Horizontal Tab Menu For Blogger Templates
d) How To Create A Professional Looking BlogRoll Request Form
e) How To Add Different Meta Tags For Every Individual/Single Post In Blogger
f) How To Add Third Party Polls To Your Blogger Blogs
g) How To Add Google News To Your Blog/Site
h) Add TweetThis Button On Your Blog/Site
i) How To Place Google Ads In Middle Of The Post In Blogger
j) How To Create Gallery For Blogs Hosted On Blogger/Blogspot
k) How To Write Text On Colored Background : XML Tutorial
l) Add Paging To Your Template : New Hack For Bloggers
m) How To Add Related Articles To Your Blog After Each Post In Blogger
n) Add Page Element To Header

Waiting for your comments and feedback


Gagan,I am looking for new templates because the one am using is giving me issues(not in implementation but design).The demo link for this one says "on invite only".Are you sure the settings are proper?

@ Tanuj

thanks for the remind. I have changed the settings. thanks again.

i think this one looks good than previous one. Cheers. :)

This looks better than the one you released!!

But I think it will look much better in light blue..

hi master
i'm looking for nice blogger templates
and i like to submit your templates on my blog

thanks! good work friend


sure, I'll submit all my designs to your site.

Thanks :)

hi friend, thanks for sharing your template, love it very much, 3 thumbs up for you! cheers!

what is the size of the search bar...and if i want to can I change it with the google search bar please

how to hide a if I want to write "about me" and dont want to show it but give it as a link on the do i hide it and do not show it in therre an option or something??

and one more question...what is the logo background color code?

and how do i change it to white color??

@Huzefa,to add a post which shouldn't show up as a post on your blog posts just give it a date which is before the date of the first post that you wrote. Example,write a post today and click on post options > change its date to anything which is lesser than the date of the first post on your blog.Take the link of the post from Edit posts and place as a link wherever you want in your template.
However if you want to use "About Me" section then you can add it in the sidebar or if that's not what you want then you can do the method I mentioned above.Hope it was clear.If you still have problems/doubts,don't hesitate to ask.

The search bar has a width of 210 pixels.

Not quite sure about the background of the logo but think its mixing well with the background so wouldn't change it.

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