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How To Add Different Meta Tags For Every Individual/Single Post In Blogger : Blogger Hack : Increase Traffic Part6

Well, today's post of mine is a combination of 2 things SEO and Blogger Hack. In this post I am going to tell how you can insert different meta tag for every single post. I have divided this post into 3 sections :

Section1: This section explains you about Meta Tags.

Section2 : This section explains the title of this post in detail i.e How To Add Different Meta Tags For Every Individual/Single Post In Blogger : Blogger Hack

Section3 : This sections tells you about the code and how you can insert it in your blog.

Section 1 :
Before starting this post I feel a great need to tell you about what are Meta Tags. Have a look at the video below. Its a 2 minute video that tells you about the proper definition and use of Meta Tag.

Now, I think you are familiar with Meta Tags and how to use it. Lets move further.

Section 2 :
In Wordpress you have different plugins with which you can have different meta tags for every single post. This feature is only present in Wordpress and its really a great factor for bringing your post to first page on Google search results. Unfortunately Blogger does not gives this option to its users and we have to compromise the same meta tags for all the posts. This is really a drawback of Blogger.

But Today I am going to tell you about a hack with which you can add different meta tags to individual posts. Its a great hack for SEO purpose and I recommend all Blogger users to use this feature. Lets not waste any time and come to the point :)

Section 3 :
Step 1) First open Blogger and then click on Layout and at last click on Edit HTML.

Step 2) Now put a tick on Expand Widget Templates.

Step 3) Now search for <head>

Step 4) Now copy the code below and paste it after head tag :

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "enter the url of the post here"'>
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="enter keywords here separated by commas" />

Note : Please note that for each post you have to add this code again by writing the post URL (link) and keywords.

Suppose you want to have 10 posts, now you have to add the above code 10 times by entering URL and keywords. I think this statement is clear to you.

Step5) At last click on Save Template.

Troubleshooting : If you are facing any problem in updating your template after entering this code, I recommend you to download this file, open it and copy the code and then paste again.

What is the meaning of this code : This code means that :

1) b:if : It is used whenever we have to put any condition. Its popularly known as if then condition.

2) Cond : Cond means condition.

3) data:blog.url : It means the URL of the post.

4) == : In programming languages == means equal to. Here we do not use single equal to sign.

The rest of the code is same as other meta tag code. So the whole meaning of the code becomes that if the URL of the post is this, then the meta tags should be this.

If you are facing any problem in using this code, feel free to drop your comments and I'll reply to as as soon as possible.

This was the part6 of how to increase traffic, keep visiting for more parts in this series.

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We cna also add meta description tag. I don't think search engines rely much on meta tags now days.
Thanks for trick....

@ sumit

I do not agree with your statement that search engines rely much on meta tags now days.

Meta Tags still holds a good reputation!!

thanks Gagan, this trick will boost my traffic.

but putting so many codes will decrease my page loading time.. :(

@ Nikhil


not working :(

Hey dear, if you have copied the link directly given above, you can face problem in updating your template, do 1 thing, download the file below, its a txt file, open it and copy the code from there and apply it to your template. Do it once and reply here did you succeed or not !! :)

Link :

thanks Gagan, you're awesome dude. I have benefited immensely from your blog! I have an idea for you - a template for using blogger as a online store using Google Checkout. cheers

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