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Increase Traffic And Adsense Earnings : E-Book : Increase Traffic, Part5

Yesterday I got an E-Mail from one of our readers saying that he's been blogging from last 8 months and is unable to track visitors to his blog. Have a look :

I was surprised to read that 8 months and still no progress ?? Amazing !! So here is an E-Book for all of our bloggers that will surely help you in increasing your blog/site traffic.

I found this E-Book while Googling and I do not know who is the author. I really liked the tips given in this book that is why I am sharing it with you.

This Ebook covers topics about SEO, finding niches for adsense, how to pour traffic and many more useful articles...

Just give it a try : Click here to download.

This was the part5 of how to increase traffic, keep visiting for more parts in this series.

Part1 : How To Submit Your Blog To Google
Part2 : How To Submit Your Blog To Yahoo
Part3 : Submit Your Blog URL To 20+ Top Search Engines
Part4 : 5 Ways To Promote Your Blog


thanx gagan..i was looking for this sure its gonna help me

Ohh thanks but No thanks for that funny and useless book
But for those who enjoys such joke books and sites may take help from it, its good that you are helping and entertaining those joke lovers.

@ Unpretentious Diva

Criticism is always welcomed !! I wrote this post 15 minutes ago and I am surprised to see that you read the whole book in just 15 minutes !!

Amazing !!

Learn to ignore dude :)

Anyway I'll see how the book is but yes your blog has been helpful :)


and trying...
hope it works



me downloading will let u know later !

cool! yup there is content availble from writing tactics to increasing traffic significantly like adding your url to serch engines, directorires etc.. but as i said earlier. it totally depends on what ur writing and what majority is lookin for .. and how easily ur searchable for ..

infact, I'd suggest you to put another columns of download on your posts right.. where you could put all these downloadable links altogether..could be of help to folks. good work.

Hi Gagan,

U definately have a helpful blog..

Good work..

I'd like to share my exprience with FreeViral. This FreeViral is one of the methods to increase traffic to your sites or blogs. Please note that this is one of the ways to learn, so don't forget to increase your knowledge abot SEO.
TedyNw, Education Software Online

I Read Carefully your Book's First Few Pages So i Want More Information About The Traffic,Articles,Keywords I have Mailed your about this please try to reply soon

I have replied to your mail Gurpreet !! Just have a look at your inbox !

Sorry, Download failed. there is no such page given in the link.


The link is updated and working very well now ! Tnx 4 da remind !! In future if you get any down link, please write to us !!


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