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How To Add Google News To Your Blog/Site

Few days ago Google launched a News-based element for the Google Search API. With this you can embed a news slideshow on your web page, letting your users see headlines and previews of Google News Search results, based on queries that you've selected. Below is a tutorial on how you can add NewsShow in your blog/site :

1) First visit NewsShow Wizard.

2) Now beside the Style menu, select the size of the news wizard. The wizard is available in two size :

a) 300x250 Medium Rectangle
b) 728x90 Leaderboard
3) Like this you can select your Search Topics that you think are interesting for your blog readers. I think, you should select a topic that suits the niche of your blog.

4) Now at the bottom, copy the code and paste it in your blog or site where you want your NewsShow to appear. It will look like this :

Visit and enjoy : NewsShow Wizard


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