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Gagan84 Blogger Template : New Template Designed By 84Productions

Last time I designed a beautiful blogger template called Vista84. You all loved that template and I got a lot of emails from all of you, giving your suggestions. So, finally I have designed a new template called Gagan84 specially on your requests. This time I have designed a 2 column template.

Screenshot :

Lets have a look at some of the features of this template :

1) Fluid Width : This template has a unique feature called fluid width, it means that this template automatically fits the screen of any size.

2) 2 Column : Its a 2 column, blue colored template in which you can place Google ads in sidebar and has also got space to add 468 x 60 ad at the top right.

3) Quick Load : I have not added any heavy graphics in this template. This template loads very quickly.

4) Search Bar : In built search bar.

Note : This template is given for free but in return I only want that do not remove credits from the footer.

5) Comment Box : New comment box has been included in by default.

Troubleshoot :

1) Placing logo : The default size of the logo is 200 x 73 pixels and I recommend you to use this size logo only.

2) Recent Post and Comment : As you can see that I have used Feedburner service to add recent post to my template. If you want to add the same feature please refer to this post of mine on how to add recent comment and recent post widget using Feedbuner.

3) Last time I was getting a lot of emails that some widgets were not working, so take into consideration I have not added any script. This time you have to add widgets on your own. Below are some tutorials that will help you to understand Blogger Templates more :

a) How To Show Only Post Titles In Blog Archives
b) How To Activate Emphasize <em> Tag In Your Blog
c) How To Create Horizontal Tab Menu For Blogger Templates
d) How To Create A Professional Looking BlogRoll Request Form
e) How To Add Different Meta Tags For Every Individual/Single Post In Blogger
f) How To Add Third Party Polls To Your Blogger Blogs
g) How To Add Google News To Your Blog/Site
h) Add TweetThis Button On Your Blog/Site
i) How To Place Google Ads In Middle Of The Post In Blogger
j) How To Create Gallery For Blogs Hosted On Blogger/Blogspot
k) How To Write Text On Colored Background : XML Tutorial
l) Add Paging To Your Template : New Hack For Bloggers
m) How To Add Related Articles To Your Blog After Each Post In Blogger
n) Add Page Element To Header

For more Blogger Tricks click here


Another great template from you :) Really nice work Gagan \m/

You said to choose 3 column template and you ownself made two column template and i wanna say that the comment box of vista84 is not working. Plz make it work.

@ Ashwin

Thats because I did want to design the same thing again and this template I designed was on readers request. They told me to make a 2 column template.

Hey this theme is really nice ! User friendly ! Cheers ! :)

Gagan I love your vista84 but comment don't work there. plz help me to make comment work in that theme. look i have kept that template but comment dont't work

The template looks ok..
Its not the best I guess!!
Good work though!!

Hey could you make it 3 columned template please

@Ashwin read this:

This might help!

Btw I liked the previous template more than this one :|

Nice effort anyway. Keep up.


Its a simple and cool template :D
Thanks gagan

@ ۩۩Ħǔžĕ₣ắ۩۩

Ok dear, I'll make it 3 column and release it in 2-3 days.

Thanks Pradeep and Amadh for your comments.

@ Pro

This time I tried to make a simply template, no heavy graphcis, no images, nothing, just a simple neat template.

I liked this template very much...It's a simple template...But as i am using so many widgets it's very difficult for me to satisfy with a 2 column template, So i will be waiting for a great 3 column template from you

Wishing you all success..


@ Amith

I'll release the 3 column template today itself.

Hi Gagan,

The template is really cool man. I also blog using Google's Blogger platform. I am a regular reader of your blog and find it very useful and educating. Good to see talented tech bloggers like you in India. Keep up the good work. Best of luck and keep blogging.


@ Vikram

thanks for your feedback. I visited your blog, you seems to be a mobile freak !

Ashwin I don't know what is that which you doing wrong because the template is just fine, see here:

It is working fine here. Do follow all the steps correctly as in my post especially enabling the option of embedding comment form below posts:

Hope this helps :)

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