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How To Add Related Articles To Your Blog After Each Post In Blogger !!

You might have seen related posts at the end of each post in my blog.This method not only makes your blog attractive but also increases your page visits.Related posts was there only in wordpress but now you can enjoy this facility on blogger also.

Related articles is based on labels that you select for your post.Let me tell you with this screenshot :

click on the image to enlarge

The text in the red box are labels and are displayed as related posts !!

So lets see how you can put this into your blog.

Step1)First open and select Layout and then go to Edit HTML.

Step2)Put a check on Expand Widget Templates.

Now search for <data:post.body/></p> and put the following code after here to download related post code.

See this screenshot for help :

click on the image to enlarge

Step4)After you are done click on SAVE and now view your posts.

If you need any help regarding this topic feel free to comment here or drop me an email at


interesting !! :) !!

keep posting !

Thank you dude :)

You always come up with something useful... Keep posting...

This error is coming when trying to save ur code.

how to add read more to blogger ?

@ Kalsi

try sigining out and again and then deleting all cookies and then relogin to ur account and then try again !!

and i'l publish read more script within few days !!
keep visitng !! .... :)

Thank you Gagan :)

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