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How To Activate Emphasize < em > Tag In Your Blog : Blogger Tutorial

To give more interest to your text we use <em> tag. In my template, this tag is activated by default. Let me show you how the text looks when I use this tag.

This is how em tag looks

Yesterday, I got an email from one of the readers of this blog Amadh, asking me how to give a yellow colored background to the text. He also asked me to share this tutorial with all. So here is a post on Amadh's request.

To activate this tag first we have to use CSS.

First open Blogger and then go to Layout and then Edit HTML. Here put a tick on Expand Widget Templates.

Now search for </style> tag and put the following code above it.

em{color:#000000; font-style:normal; background:#fbfbdd;}

What is this code :

Well, this code is written in CSS where we have defined a HTML tag called EM and between the curly brackets we have given the text properties i.e color of the text, style of the text and background. In the above code we have given a Yellow color background, if you want another color you can change the given code.

How to use EM tag :

EM tag works same as bold, italic and underline tag. Simply put em tag in your post where you want yellow background to appear.

Below is a simple example on how to us this tag.

<em> Your text here </em>

If you are facing any problem in using this tag, feel free to drop your comments here and I'll reply to all your queries.


This is nice find dude..You should start making a round up post for easy references..

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