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Top 10 Steps To Launch A Successful Blog : Tutorial For Upcoming Bloggers

When I entered Engineering I learnt a lot of new things. Having good knowledge about softwares and computer tips, I decided to make a blog and share my knowledge with others and make few bucks out of it. Today I am sharing my own experience how to launch a successful blog. It will be a step by step tutorial. If you are new to blogging it is an important post for you .

Now my Alexa Ranking is 84,519 and Page Rank 3. In this tutorial I am going to tell you that how I promoted my blog, how my Alexa graph went up and how I got my first cheque of 100$ in 3 months...

iche :

Before starting a blog you should ask yourself that on what topic you can write, on what topic you have knowledge, on what topic you have interest. This is known as Niche. You should choose a correct niche for your blog. Do not think that your friend is earning good from a tech blog so I should also make a tech blog. No ! This thinking is totally wrong. Every person have different taste, interest and skills.

Always choose a niche for your blog in which you have :

1) Knowledge : If you have knowledge about any topic, do not think just start a blog on it.
2) Interest : Make sure that beside knowledge you do have Interest in the topic that you have chosen.

Knowledge without interest does not last long. The same is case with a blog if you have knowledge but no interest your blog's graph will gradually decrease.

Note : Please note that do not make a blog on pirated softwares, games, movies, MP3's and any illegal stuff. Google will delete your blog if you select any such niche for your blog. Please read Blogger Terms & Conditions before moving further.

Blog Platform :

After choosing niche for your blog the next thing you should look for, is hosting. If you do not want to spend any money, Blogger is the best service. Most of the blogger start from .blogspot and then after they start making money from it they take their own hosting and domain. If you do not want spend a single penny I recommend you to use Blogger.

log Name :

Now after selecting hosting the third thing that is most important is Blog Name. Your blog name should be according to the niche of your blog. ( I realized this thing after 1 month of blogging )

Always remember that use a simple domain that is easy to remember. A 2 letter domain is recommended like Real Trix, Techno Lizard etc.

You can also use your name as domains like JohnChow. Do not use a word that is not in the dictionary if you are starting a small blog. It only looks nice for big companies like Google, Yahoo... For a small blogger, combination of 2 letter domain will be the best option.

Blog Template :

The last basic need you should fulfill is Look & Design of your blog, its popularly known as Template of your blog. The template of your blog should be simple and attractive. Read this post of mine on "Some Tips On Selecting A Blogger Template"

Amanda of Bloggerbuster wrote a book on The Cheat's Guide To Customize Blogger Templates. You should read it once as it contains all Blogger hacks and ways to customize your Blogger Template.

Till now you are ready with following 4 things

>> Blog Niche
>> Blog Platform
>> Blog Name
>> Blog Template

These were the basic needs of a blog that most of the new blogger never read because they are never told to them.

oogle Analytics :

Use Google Analytics to know about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site. It will tell you about your unique visitors and daily page views. It is very easy to install. They will give you some code, just enter it in your template and you are done. Then you can use Google Analytics to see your site traffic.

Writing Skills :

After setting up a blog its time for writing something. Below are some quick tips for writing a post :

1) You always start your post with Title. So always use a title that is attractive and SEO friendly.

2) Your posts should be simple and to the point.

3) Do not use tough English words.

4) Always write a mega post once a week. By mega post I mean that it should be self written and should not be there on Internet before. New bloggers should write articles that you think are the best.

5) Do not copy content from other websites. If you do, always give proper credits. Not giving any credit creates a negative impression on the reader. You should know that you have to impress your readers so that they should visit your blog again.

6) Blogger and Wordpress gives an option of Spell Check, so make sure that there should be no spelling and grammar mistake in your posts. Having any such mistake can irritate the reader.

7) Do not make your posts colorful. Simple and plain post will be highly appreciable than a colorful post. Rather you should use bold, italic and quotes for making for your posts more attractive and easy to read.

8) Do not write your posts in long paragraphs. Your article should be in points. Use of smileys can make your post interesting. You can use my greasemonkey script to install Smileys into Blogger

9) Always use relevant images to make your post look good.

Do read my post on 5 Tips On Successful Blogging

Making Money :

Now your blog is able to stand and we have to take your blog to the next level i.e promotion. Before promotion I would like to tell you that you should now register to Google Adsense. It is the best service with which you can earn money with your blog. Always register to Adsense via Blogger as your blog will get approved quickly.

Here are few posts of mine to increase your Adsense revenue :

Best EBooks on Google Adsense
Increase Trafic and Adsense Earnings : Ebook
Top High Paying Keywords To Increase Adsense Earnings

Promotion :

Now we move further on promotion of your blog. Promoting a blog is not a one click job. It requires hard work. Here are few posts of mine on promoting your blog.

First of all submit your blog to Search Engines, RSS Feeds and Pings...

How to submit your blog to Google
How to submit your blog to Yahoo
Submit Your Blog URL To 20+ Top Search Engines In Just A Single Click
5 Ways to promote your blog.

Beside this there are some social networking websites with which you can promote your articles

I recommend you to use Digg and StumbleUpon. These are the best websites for promoting your articles.

Harsh Aggarwal of ShoutMeLoud has written some informative articles on using Digg. I recommend you to read some of his posts on Digg :

Digg: The beginners guide
How to Become Digg Power user??

Now we move on to StumbleUpon. ManiKarthik is a SEO expert and blog at DailySeoBlog. Below is the link to the Interview with a top stumbler.

Tips for a better StumbleUpon experience - Interview with a top stumbler “dancewithshadows”

Using StumbleUpon and Digg will surely help you in getting more traffic to your blog.

Create List Of Bloggers :

The next step is to look for other blogs that have same niche as yours. Ask them for link exchange. This will help you in getting traffic, feedback, comments and ideas from others bloggers. This link exchange is known as Blogroll.

You can get a lot of friend bloggers from famous social networking websites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Twitter


Lastly, start feeds for your blog so that your visitors does not miss any new post from you. Feeds are a way for websites large and small to distribute their content well beyond just visitors using browsers. Feeds permit subscription to regular updates, delivered automatically via a web portal, news reader, or in some cases good old email. If you do not know what is RSS please visit the post below to watch 5 videos that teaches you RSS.

5 Videos That Teaches You RSS

The best known service is Feedburner that is owned by Google. So make your account now.

Best of luck for your blog, if you need any help from me regarding your blog you are most welcome, just drop me an email at :


Thanks Simran for your feedback but I expect some more suggestions from you ! :(

Hey Gagan, ultimate post dear. I think you should have written this post many months ago ! I was waiting for such a post from you.

Hi Gagan,
For making money, you have mentioned Google Adsence, but to create new adsence account in india is very difficult and they need website for adsence account. and if we apply for adsence on blogspot blogs, they don't approve our adsence ID.

Please suggest me to open an adsence account. i have not adsence account.

also you can send me mail on

Waiting for your reply.

Great tips for beginners.For seo we can do some more work.We should select keywords very carefully and also title of blog and posts.
Could you tell me how to increase the page rank of my blog?

@ Nikhil

I gave the link to 5 videos, watch them all and you will get to know a lot about RSS.

@ D S

Making adsense account is not as difficult as you think. Just make a blog and write 20-30 posts in it and get some traffic to your site and then apply for an Adsense account via


One Extra Tip from My Side to Readers- KEEP YOUR BLOG CLEAN & FRESH.

To maintain cleanliness in your blog :

1. No To Tag Cloud - I don’t put tag clouds. The uneven sizes of the fonts in the cloud looks really messy. Though tag clouds are very useful for navigation.

2. Minimal Animated/Moving Ads - Animated/moving ads is my least priority. I usually grab the steady ones.

3. Limit Categories - I limit my categories to 10-12. I believe 10-12 can already cover up a lot of topics.

4. Complement - Whenever I put a widget or an ad, I make sure that the color compliments with my blog design. I also make sure the sizes of those widgets and ads compliments with the location where I’m putting them.

5. Standard Font - I use Arial as my standard font. Using only one font can make everything look uniformed and well organized.

Nice hefty post, to get 80k alexa u need to do heavy linking as u can see in this post ;).
Less greedy ppl can start on wordpress :D

World famous publications like the Forbes, and the Wall Street journal are writing on Alexa which only goes on to prove its credibility and popularity.

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Hi Ryan, welcome to 84Productions. Thanks for your First comment and we all are hoping to see your comments on all the posts here. You comments and feedback gives our team a power and strength to write more and more !!


Great and very useful article have added to delicious.....

Hi Gagan.
greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia

it's a very good article.

i am about to start another blog in English. this is very helpful.


@ Abhishek

Thanks for your valuable comments. !

@ Hsrish

Best of luck for your new blog.

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