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5 Tips For Successful Blogging !!

There are thousands of blogs in blogspot but only few are popular while other bloggers are struggling.Most of blogs may contain good and original content but are lacking in creativity and template design.

So here I am going to tell you 5 tips on how you can be a successful blogger .

1)Be Original ?

The first and very important factor is that you write original content or just Ctrl+C ?
I visit many blogs but majority of them are just copying the content from others.
Remember that your blog visitors wants new stuff and it can only be produced if you write your own matter.

2)Is your blog different ?

There are thousands of blogs but you should know what will make your blog different from others.Let me tell you :

  • Original Content

  • Attractive Template

  • Original Content : will make your visitors visit your blog again and again to see your new posts and
    Attractive Template : Always use a 3 column template as it looks very attractive and you can use many sidebar widgets in 3 column templates.

    3)Posting daily

    Always make a habbit to post atleast 1 post daily.This makes your visitors to visit your blog regularly.

    4)Always use commonly used words ?

    You know that the major source of traffic for your blog is Google,so in order to get your blog on top if a visitor searches for any content your blog title must contain commonly used words .Here is an example for you :

    Do not use word pix always use images because probability of searching images is much more than pix.

    5)Why a visitor should return to your blog again ?

    First look at your blog and ask yourself that why a neutral visitor should return to your blog again ? Does your blog contain all above discussed features.If yes then you will be a successful blogger :) If not then I am sorry ! :(


    thank you very much.

    without this post how useless and crap was blogging:((.

    you made blogging a standard of great jesus!

    (jyada hogaya kya???/[:o]

    gud tips...i liked the 4 th one in particular

    Interesting will try and keep it in mind while blogging

    thanks for the tips..i'n a new blogger..these tips will certainly help

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