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Some Tips On Selecting A Blogger Template : Must Read

Dear Readers, if you are planning to start a new blog or shift to a new template just have a look at this post first.

You might have seen that I shifted my template from POP BLUE to LANGIT 2 days back and today I am back with my original template. I was just analysing that what will happen if I'l change my template, will my visitors increase or decrease ?? Will there be any effect on my earnings ?? and I concluded that :

>>When I shifted from white template(POP BLUE) to black template (LANGIT) I found a huge decrease in my page visits.
Earlier I used to have 900-950 page visits daily but when I changed my template my page visits decreased to 400-500 only .

>>My earnings also decreased.

This was all due to change in the template. This may sound funny to you but its true. Choosing a wrong template can be a -ve aspect for your blog. So be careful while choosing a new design.

Here I am going to tell you that how you should select a template for your blog, what editing you should do before installing it ...

So lets start :

1) Take time searching for new templates. If you find a template that your are looking for just save it and keep on searching for new ones, might be you can get a better one than before.

2) Before selecting any blogger template keep in mind that the background should be of very light colour (recommended White). A light background creates a positive impact on the visitor and is also attractive whereas a dark background like black,grey can make your blog took dim and unattractive., resulting in lack of visitors.

3) Whenever you download and install any new template make sure the width is 100 percent.

See this template Art Imagination.Though the template is good but it is not wide. This can make your blog a bit overcrowded.

Always use a wide template for ex. see this template Revolution.This makes your blog look neat and less congested

4) If you are starting a blog for just for a part time then you can select any template but you should consider the above tips and if you are starting your blog for money and you are interested in placing ads in your blog keep in mind that always choose a template with 3 column.

You can add more ads in 3 columns that's why I prefer it.

If you are using a 2 column template you can convert it easily to 3 column. Just have a look at this post.

Thanks to Ramani for such a nice trick.

I hope these tips will help you in selecting new templates for your blog/website.

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Templates do attract people, i accept...
But color selections or likings truly depends on individuals and the type of blog they have....
Anyway, good insight...


wow! i just changed mine have a look

yup..rightly said too looking 4 changing my blog template..

that was informative...
but hen color selection and font depends entirely n the theme and the personal choices ofthe blogger...
thanks for the tips...


i changed my template too :(

n e ways thankx for telling !

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