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Ebooks On Google Adsense

There are thousands of websites/blogs explaining about google adsense,how you can increase your earnings,how you can increase your traffic,clicks and many more....

But it is a tedious job to search all websites and read all articles on internet.That is why I brought 7 e-books for those people who want to understand google adsense from basics i.e how it works,what are the secrets of google adsense that are still very rare,about the right keywords and channels etc....

Here is the list of 7 e-books :

  • Adsense Secrets 4.0

  • Getting Started With Google Adsense

  • The Adsense Code What Google Never Told You About Making Money With Adsense
  • How To Find The Right Google Adsense Keywords

  • The Google Adsense Tutorial

  • Triple Your Adsense Click Through Rate

  • Understanding Google Adsense

  • Why should I read these books :

    Let me explain this to you with the help of an example :

    A person "A" wanted to climb a tree ,he did various efforts,tried and tried and tried and then at last he was successful but after 2-3 hrs .Another person "B" also wanted to climb a tree,because he was having proper knowledge,he used a ladder and climbed within minutes.

    The same is the case with new bloggers.All wants to be successful up but many are struggling like the first person "A" without the proper knowledge.Having proper knowledge about adsense can make you successful more quickly.

    Download links :

    Note :
    It is a rar archive so you will need Winrar to open this archive.

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    hey.. i think i gonna do this also.. ur blog page is sure a gold mine..

    thanks dude...very helpful

    why dont u remove code verification its very annoying

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