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Five Videos To Teach You RSS

Have you heard about RSS before ?? What does this orange sign means.How to use RSS Feeds ??

Not to worry,here are 5 videos that will tell you about the basics of RSS and will clear all your doubts and will also tell you how you can use RSS feeds.These vides will cover all your basic knowledge about RSS.

All About RSS

1) Common craft telling you about the basics of RSS.

2) This video tells you about how to subscribe to Web feeds.

3) This video tells you stepwise about the RSS feeds with Google Reader.

4) This video tells you about "What is RSS" and "How is it useful".

5) A Commentary on using RSS Feeds.

If you further need any help on RSS,drop me an email at or comment here...:)


Here is my 2 cents on RSS. It is very important to have a feed because people can stay in touch with the updates that happens on your website without waiting for the entire thing to load up, if they find the article they are looking for, they visit it.

a really informative blog...

im gonna subscribe to a rss reader...never knew this thing existed...makes browsin sooo simple..
which is the best reader..??

Thanks for this videos. I was checking around your blog, and I must say I loved everything about it. Keep on posting. I will be back and will subcribe to your RSS feed.

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