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The Cheats' Guide to Customizing Blogger templates

Many of you search for websites and Google for Blogger tips,tricks and hacks.Its a very tedious job to do.So here is an E-Book for customizing blogger templates.

Features :

This E-Book is much more comprehensive than the original online article, and features:

  • New examples of template customizations
  • An entire chapter about customizing stretch (fluid) templates
  • How to use buttons, banners and images
  • Many useful resources for template customization
  • An optional download folder containing all of the templates and images used in the eBook

Download Instructions : click here to download.

Note : As this book is in PDF format so you will need Acrobat Reader.
You can download Adobe Reader using the link below:

This article is taken from : .So all credits goes to them.

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really a helping blog thx yaar

cool blog mate..thats was quite useful tip..

you have some nice and proper info up here unlike those other such blogs!

Cheers and Ill read it for sure and let you know :)

helping blog
keep it up
it is a very useful blog

i wanna change my template and hopefully ur post will help me do it..remember coming earlier and posting a comment askin u abt the genuine windows..dont thin i gt a reply..anyways..nice work..

Sorry, can't download. it says:
"Sorry, the page you have requested no longer exists on our server, or you haven't typed the url correctly.
Check links on this page to find best free hosting deal ever."

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