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How To Get Unique Visitors To Your Blog : Increase Traffic Part8

Till now I have written about 7 posts on how to increase traffic of your blog and I have a lot more articles to write on this tops and share tips and tricks with you all. Do you have a blog ? and its been a long time, you are not satisfied with the traffic of your blog, then this post will help you in getting unique visitors to your blog daily. Yes I said daily !!

What you do is, suppose you wrote a post on Twitter, now go to some famous blogs and search for Twitter category. Just click on Twitter and you will get all the posts on Twitter, now the trick is, open any post that you think gets more traffic through search engines (this can be easily determined by reading the title of the post), and write a genuine comment.

Please note that do not write nice post, keep it up, good work in the comment box, according to me this is not a genuine comment. After writing a genuine comment give the link to your Twitter post that you recently wrote below your comment.

What will happen : Now the admin of the blog when sees your comment will approve it as the comment is genuine and the link that you gave matches with the body of the post. Now the visitors that will come to this post will surely read your comment and will also click on your link. So you get a lot of visitors daily on your blog.

So keep commenting on all the blogs you visit and get visitors easily.

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This was the part8 of how to increase traffic, keep visiting for more parts in this series.

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Yawn ! its very old trick.

really, Old is Gold !! :d

This was the part6 of how to increase traffic, keep visiting for more parts in this series.

what is this Gagan? i think you copied this line but forgot to change it to part8. :d

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