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Increase Your Blog/Site Traffic On This April Fools Day : Increase Traffic Part7

Let me ask a simple question to all the bloggers out there. Did you make any one's fools on April Fools day? No! Then why not you try a simple trick which will increase your traffic on this April Fools day. Really !

The trick :

1) This site has been hacked : On April Fools day write a big tag on your blog saying that this blog has been hacked by XYZ hacker. Write a short note also that why hacker hacked this site. If your blog have a good reputation and gets a lot of visitors, they will start posting about your blog and you will get a lot of backlinks and traffic also. Bingo !

2) I am selling my blog/site : Just a write a simple article on your blog saying that you are selling your blog as you are quitting blogging and keep the price as cheap as possible. Other bloggers will post about your blog resulting in traffic increase.

3) Group Prank : Group prank will boost your traffic and backlinks also. Play a prank in a group, just take 5-6 other bloggers with you and tell them to write the same story on their blog like Google has acquired Digg or Google has acquired Twitter or some news that is shocking and totally different. now start posting this news on different Social Networking Websites. When readers will search the news on Google, your blog will be at the top and you will get traffic. News being displayed on many blogs will look real.

Article inspired from DailyBlogTips

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Wow amazing I'm in the conspiracy if you are planning to do something like that :D

wooo. nice tips. you always come up with different posts. thanks

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