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Easily Get To Know Which Of Your Friends Are Digging Your Submissions

Want to know which friends on Digg are digging your posts. will tell you which of your friends are digging your submissions - and which aren't. will analyze your Digg friends list and tell you which of your friends have dugg the last 10 of your digg submissions, and which of your friends have not.

It will also tell you which users in the digg community other than your friends have dugg more than five of your submissions.

Note : caches your report for ten minutes to avoid overloading the Digg api with too many redundant requests.

Visit and enjoy :

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Great find. Amazing tool. Good going Gagan. I suggest you move to Wordpress.

Gagan its not working ? How to use it ?

@ Nikhil

Yea I'll be moving to Wordpress soon. !!

@ D-P-L

Just enter your Username and hit enter.

Do not enter your Digg profile URL. Enter only the username.

Hey Gagan thanks a lot for the help

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