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How To Create Sticky Posts In Blogger : Tutorial

While writing about April Fools prank today I thought to make it sticky so that it always appears on the top of the posts till 1st April. Then I got an idea to share a tutorial on how to create a sticky post on Blogger.

Below are the steps explaining you about this in detail.

Step1) First write a post that you want to make sticky and click on Publish Post.

Step2) Now after clicking Publish Post you will be directed to a new page, here click on Edit post. Have a look :

Step3) Now in the edit post page at the left bottom click on Post Options and in the right bottom page change the date and time, till you want the post to remain sticky. This means that if you will publish any new post, it will come below the sticky post.

Suppose I have changed the date from 3/25/09 to 3/30/09. Now from 25th of March to 30th of March the sticky post will remain at the top and after that, new posts will come at the top. I hope this fact is clear to you.

Step4) After changing the date and time, again click on Publish Post.

Note : Always remember that to create a sticky post first you have to publish it and then edit it again.
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I wonder how you actually think about all this ?? good thinking

Great tip and tutorial - I learned something new today! =) []

wow..!! Thanks for this.. :)

very nice. now I can use this tutorial for any occasion or for featured post !! thanks Gagan.

Excellent Article mate ! Your Blog is cool ! :)

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