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Undo Your Sent Message In Gmail : New Gmail Labs Feature

After reading this post you will get to know that why I love Google. Its going from best to awesome. Yesterday I was just checking Google Labs features and found a new feature called Undo Send. I think this feature will really help us alot.

It been a lot of time when we hit Send button after writing any mail and then we realize that we have to attach any file or do not want to send that mail. But as we hit Send there is nothing we can do. But with the new Undo feature we can stop messages from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the Send button. This is what you will get :

And wen you will click Undo, sending will be undone :

How to enable it :

1) First visit Gmail Labs and search for Undo Send.

2) Beside it click on Enable and at the bottom click on Save Changes. Enjoy !

What does this feature actually do :

Well this feature hold up your mail for about 5 seconds when you hit Send button so that you can click on
Undo to stop your email to be sent. The official blog says that :

And don't worry – if you close Gmail or your browser crashes in those few seconds, we'll still send your message.

So did you like the new feature ?

Via : Gmail Blog

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