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How To Delete Bulk/All Bookmarks In Firefox In A Single Click Without Any Addon

Recently I wrote a post about Firfox on Does Your Bookmarks Still Exists Or Not ?. I had a huge list of broken links in my bookmarks. It was very hard to delete them all. First I was deleting every single link, then I thought of discovering a new method with which I can delete all my bookmarks in a single click and at last I succeeded. Here is a quick tutorial for it :

Step1) First open Mozilla Firefox and at the top bar click on Bookmarks.

Step2) Now click on Organize Bookmarks or simply press Ctrl+Shift+B

Step3) In the left hand side panel double click on All Bookmarks and select Bookmarks Menu.

Step4) Now in the right hand side panel you will get the list of all your bookmarks, just select the bookmarks that you want to delete.

Note : You can use Ctrl button to select multiple bookmarks.

Step5) At last right click on any bookmark link and select Delete.

And you are done !

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woo thanks gaga. came to your blog through Google. going to bookmark it and never delete it without any addon also :d

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