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Does Your Bookmarks Still Exists Or Not ?

I have a huge list of Bookmarks in my Mozilla Firefox and many of the links does not even exists till now. Yesterday I found all the invalid bookmarks and deleted then in seconds. Want to know how ? Have a look below :

Here is a Mozilla Firefox Add-on called CheckPlaces which checks all your bookmark list and checks that the pages still exist or not. It also checks for duplicate bookmarks and for empty folders also.

It is a best and simple way to delete all your invalid and unused bookmarks.

Screenshot :

Download Instructions : Click here to install this add-on.

Requirements : This add-on requires Mozilla Firefox, if you do not have it, you can download it from Right Sidebar.


i do not use bookmarks. Delicious rocks..

@ Amadh

Welcome dear !!


Yes delicious rocks but this post id for those who uses Firefox bookmarks also !!

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