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Best Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Firewall And Internet Browser

I am a regular visitor of Yahoo Answers and in the free time I help others in Computer & Internet section. I usually see people asking for which is the best anti virus ?? Which is the best firewall ?? Which is the best package I should use for Internet Security ?? and alot of questions regarding Internet Security.

In the month of March I wrote a post about Internet Secutiy Tips. In that post I told you about how you can remain secure from vunerable attacks of viruses,spywares etc.

But I get alot of mails asking me about best Internet Security package.
By Internet Security Package I mean combination of 4 secutity applications :

>>Anti Virus Program
>>Anti Spyware Program
>>Firewall Program
>>Internet Browser Program

I am writing this post from my own experience. Till now I have used almost all anti virus, firewalls, anti spyware, so in this post I am going to tell you the best 2 Internet security packages I have ever used. I have divided these 2 packages according to the users computer speed i.e amount of RAM user have.

So let start :

For users having RAM more than 512 mb :

Best Anti Virus : Kaspersky Anti Virus
Best Anti Spyware : Super Anti Spyware
Best Firewall : Comodo Firewall
Best Internet Browser : Mozilla Firefox ( You can download it from Right Sidebar )

For users having RAM less than 512 mb :

Best Anti Virus : Nod32 Anti Virus
Best Anti Virus : AVG Anti Virus or Super Anti Spyware
Best Firewall : Zone Alarm Firewall
Best Internet Browser : Mozilla Firefox ( You can download it from Right Sidebar )

I guarantee you that by installing these Internet security packages you will never face problem of viruses, spywares and all.

To know more about Internet Security click here.


wow...never knew bout this...

If a zero day attack occurs like the one back in '06 then not a single antivirus will protect.

Defensewall, Sandboxie, Returnil and Geswall are far better choices along with a hardware firewall.

well iam using Nod32 and Mozilla for spyware iam using Windows advanced care

No love for Opera.. (or Chrome)?

I use:
Avast (free)
SUPERantispyware (free)
no extra firewall software (free)
good browsing habits

I personally find Firefox to be just as bloated as IE and much prefer lightweight browsers without a million plug-ins.

Oh.. and Spywareblaster.. immunization FTW!

I'm using norton 360 malware bite and trojan remover. I AM DOWNLOADING VIRUSES EVERYDAY and they penetrate easily as the others, After feeling infected or every few days i spend 15 min to bring back my XP to it Ideal position its already one year while I AM TESTING MY COMPUTER WITH VIRUS DOWNLOADING bz its 100% curable. give it a try on some xp system and ENJOY DOWNLOADING VIRUSES to see hows their effects!!!

Hi Gagan, i guess using Kaspersky Internet security 8.0 is best option as it combines Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-malware and complete online security all in one package. If anyone require the keys do contact me as it is costly otherwise. And one more thing how u live with ram under 512 :p


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