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Internet Secutiy Tips

I wrote a tutorial for you on How to Protect yourself from Viruses,Spyware,Adware,Trojans and other harmful applications.

Your 2 minutes time to read this topic and save your PC from Hard Disk crash,game lagging,Slow PC,slow net surfing,system files corruption and deletion of all of your personal data because if a harmful virus attacks your PC you can loose all your data.

Before reading this I would to tell you that keep in mind one thing that AN ANTI VIRUS ALONE CAN NEVER PROTECT YOUR PC,IT CAN NOT EVEN PROTECT YOUR PC 70%.

And now I Start :

>>Stop using Internet Explorer and switch on to Mozilla Firefox(use it one time and you wil come to know why).
You can download Firefox from right sidebar.

>>Always keep updates of Windows ON.

>>Use a good Anti Virus :
If you have good RAM you can install Kaspersky on your PC.
If you have 512 or less than this I recommend you to use NOD32 Anti Virus 2.70.39.
You can download all full version softwares from the list I gave you.
To view that post click here.

>>Use a good Anti Spyware I recommend AVG Anti Spyware. Download it from here.

>>Update your anti virus and anti spyware daily.

>>Download Spybot Search and Destroy from here and install it.Its a free product and protects you from invalid and illegal registry entries.
Dnt worry it wont make your PC slow.

>>Download Adaware SE and install it and immediately update it.
Note : Download this application only if you have 512 or 512+ RAM.

>>Always scan your PC in safe mode once a week with anti virus and anti spyware.

>>Use Ccleaner for invalid registry entries.

>>Always use a Firewall to remain safe from being hacked.I recommend Zone Alarm Pro if you are using Nod32 Anti Virus and Comodo if you are using Kaspersky Anti Virus.

Note : Always use one firewall and one anti virus at a time and rest you can use as much as you can.

>>If you suspect anything that is going wrong with your computer is the action of a stalker, on a more secure system change all your passwords.

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