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How To Permanently Delete Data From USB Flash Drives And Hard Drives

Virus is a common problem in USB Flash drives, simple formatting flash drives does not delete the data permanently and can be recovered easily. Here is a portable application called DiskWipe which will permanently delete data from your flash drives , this tool will wipe any kind of virus in your pen drives and flash drives.

Screenshot :

Download Instructions : Click here to download the portable version.

How to use it :

First download Disk Wipe from the above link. Now insert your pen drive in the USB port.

Now open DiskWipe, as it is a portable version, no need to install it. In the left hand side , select the drive whose data you want to delete permanently. Have a look :

Now, at the top click on Wipe Disk.

Select your file system, erasing pattern and confirm erasing. The deleting process will start.

In this way you can delete all the data from your pen drives, flash drives, hard drives with this simple tool.


nice tool. was searching for this

its a very educational kind a useful.i have been waited so much for this trick,thanx for sharing such this kind of knowledge.its nice tools,thanx for this very useful software.

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