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How To Measure The Width And Height Of Any Element In Mozilla Firefox

Today's post of mine is about a web designing tool. This tool helps in measuring the accurate width and height of any element on any web page. No need to first download the file and then view its size. With MeasureIt, simply draw a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels.

Have a look :

How to use it :

First install MeasureIt from here and restart your browser.

Now suppose, I want to know the exact size of my 84Productions logo, first click on the MeasureIt sign at the left bottom of Mozilla Firefox window. Have a look :

Now click and drag the ruler to select the 84Productions logo and it will automatically show you the exact width and height in pixels of the selected image.
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thanks gagan...i really was waiting for something like this just so i can measure some logos and stuff...cheers

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