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Good Bye Blogger, We Are Moving To Wordpress

Today, I am really happy to announce that finally we are moving to Wordpress. Yes you heard it right, now 8Productions will be in a new look and new domain name. I was quite busy with this work that is why I didn't updated this blog from past few days.

Well, the new domain is a surprise for you all, was already taken so I took another domain name. Currently, I am searching for a new design for my blog. If you have any new template in mind, do suggest me :)

I am really happy and excited that is why I could not resist myself to share this news with you all. Waiting for your comments and feedback and suggestions.

Few days more and we will be on Wordpress. See you at Wordpress.



Congrats! Decided what to call the new domain? There are bazillion of awesome Wordpress themes you can get.I'm just hoping to make enough money to purchase own hosting space and then getting Wordpress myself!

Hi Gagan congrats.. But you really are an inspiration for people that you can grow a blogger blog really big.. something like Amit Agarwal had done..

and another thing? Can you give your customized current blogger template.. if you have no problem?

Hey Gagan,

This is great. Best of luck with your transition. Also if you can have a tutorial for bloggers like me who have their blogs on Blogspot and wanna move to Wordpress, it would be awesome. You can also highlights the do's and Donts.

Thanks a ton man!!


Can you tell me the reason why u r shifting to wordpress ? Your blog is really looking cool out here I don't know why u are shifting!! Any special reason!!

If you are shifting to to wordpress why don't you release your existing blogger template of 84Productions!!

If you are not comfortable at lease try reveal the code for the "Best Posts" tabs right below you 715x90 link ads!! Waiting for your reply!!

@ Nagendra

Wordpress is best for SEO and that is the main reason I am moving to Wordpress.

Wordpress is good for SEO indeed.But gagan I have used the wordpress software and I would recommend blogger against it anyday.

@ Tanuj

thanks for your comments.

@ Quakeboy

I'll surely give you my blogger template.

@ Vikram

When I'll move to wordpress I'll write a detailed tutorial for sure. :d

Cool mate!!
There are lot of folks out here who need your blogger template!!
Please release your blogger template before you leave blogspot.

hey gagan congrats,

but y r u switching to wordpress i mean due to the limitations of blogger or features of wordpress.

there a suggestion u can use arthemia as ur new template(check , i m using arthemia converted to blogger version)

best of luck!!!!

but i always thought blogger was better..wasnt it?

Good choice,as long as you have a good server wordpress is the best blogging platform around
Just make sure you choose a reliable web host that doe not have frequent server outages

Thats Too Much of a GOOOD NEWS.... Congrats Buddy... [:)]

I am Excited to know about your New Theme & Domain Name.

@ ۩۩Ħǔžĕ₣ắ۩۩ worldwide) is still liked my most of the bloggers in the world cuz its much simpler than wordpress(#12)

Cool.... Do look at Joomla a bit too.. if you are doing do it the hard way.. I'll also be shifting but, not until i come up with some interesting niche. Looking fwd to your blog with new look.

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