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Easiest Way To Check Modem Passwords : Working Trick

Last time I wrote a detailed tutorial on Airtel Broadband Hack. You all loved that post and I got a lot of traffic from that single post. Today, I am going to tell you that how you can know any password stored in the modem. For an example, I am taking Airtel's Beetel 200BX Modem. Lets start :

1) Open any Internet broswer (Mozilla Firefox recommended) and in the address bar type and hit Enter.

2) When you will press Enter, a Window will pop up asking for User Name and Password. Use the folowing details :

User Name : admin
Password : password

3) Now in the left hand side click on WAN.

4) Now in the right hand side panel, click on Edit. Have a look :

5) Now keep on clicking Next until you get this screen :

In the above screen you will see 2 things PPP Username and PPP Password.

6) Now, to view the hidden password, right click on the screen, select This Frame and click on View Frame Source.

7) In the source code page, search for pppPassword.value and the password will be written next to it, in single quotes.

Now you can use this password to increase your Internet connection. Want to know how ? Then see this post.


Nice post,but Im having a problem,whenever I enter the Ip address it refuses to enter,Is there anyway I could bypass this

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