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DiggBar : New Toolbar For Digg

Yesterday, Digg launched its new Digg tool called DiggBar. With this toolbar you can easily digg stories on the page you are. Lets look at each and every feature about this toolbar :

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1) Digg : The first button on this toolbar is of Digg, which when clicked directs us to

2) No. of diggs : The second button in this toolbar tells us about the number of Diggs an article has and if it is not dugg there is an option to Digg that story.

3) Then comes the title of the post.

4) Comments : You can view the top comment, latest comment, and most controversial without leaving the page by clicking the Comments button.

5) Access additional analytics : This toolbar also lets you know how many times a story is viewed.

4) Favorite : To make our work simpler Favorite button is added next to title.

5) View related content : This toolbar has a new feature called Related, which works same as StumbleUpon, clicking this button will show you random posts that you dugg in the past.

6) Easily share stories : You can directly share the your experience in Twitter, Facebook and email by hitting the icons at the extreme right.

This toolbar automatically shortens the links when you try to share the link on Twitter or Facebook.

How to enable this toolbar :

There is no need to install this toolbar, Just type before any link and the toolbar will appear automatically. If you want to get rid of this toolbar, simply hit the Cross button at the top right.


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