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We're Sorry, This Video Is No Longer Available : YouTube

While watching any Youtube video sometimes an error comes saying that We're Sorry, This Video Is No Longer Available. Have a look :

Below is a simple solution to overcome this problem :

This error comes when you have installed any download manager to your system. Now if you have installed any download manager, just open it and in the Options go to File Types. File Types includes the list of all the files that download manger handles. Just open it and remove .flv and .mp4 from the list.

Restart your machine and you are done. Now you can easily view all the Youtube vides without any error.


WTF? this is not the solution! this is because YouTube has removed the video.

ohk then try this out !! just install internet download manager and then at the top go to downloas and then options, in the file types put flv and mp4 and click OK.

Now try to view any youtube video...

well gagan.. you are right in a way.. but thats not the case always.. in fact only in fraction of cases your solution might be right

You have mentioned, when that error msg comes, if u remove the mp4 and flv you can view.. and u should have mentioned it happens sometimes because of download managers..

had problem,found out that youtube was bought by on 3/1/09. so you have to put in the allowed of any internet filters

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