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Nod32 Anti Virus Not Detecting Any Keylogger, Here Is The Solution

Last time I wrote a tutorial on what to do if Kaspersky does not detect any keylogger . Today's post of mine is quite similar to it but the difference is in the software. If you are using Nod32 anti virus and it is not detecting any keylogger in your PC here is a solution for it.

As I have installed latest version of Nod32, so I'll be giving screenshots of version 4.0 only.

Lets start :

Step1) Open Nod32 anti virus and click on Setup and from the drop down list select Advanced Setup or simply press F5.

Step2) In the left hand side panel, click on Antivirus and antispyware.

Step3) Now look at the right hand side panel and click Setup.

Step4) Now, in the options, put a tick on Potentially Unsafe Applications and then click on OK at the bottom.

Step5) Now again the left hand side panel, look for On Demand Computer Scan and click on it.

Step6) Now, in the right hand side panel, click on drop down list and select In-depth scan.

Step7) Click on Setup beside ThreatSense engine parameter setup, here put a tick on potentially Unsafe Applications and then click on OK at the bottom.

Step8) Now again from the drop down list select context Menu Scan and repeat Step7.

Step9) Now again from the drop down list select Smart Scan and repeat Step7.

Step10) Now in the main Advanced Setup window click on OK and restart your PC.

From now your Nod32 Anti Virus will detect all keyloggers and all unwanted applications.

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came here through google. i m using nos32 anti virus since 1 year and never knew abt keylogger. thakns alot.

kind find advanced setup. pls help me

@ Dean

which version of Nod32 are you using ?

hey iam using Eset Smart Security is it detecting ????

I usually keep Potentially Unsafe Applications
off because of my hacking softwares :P
though I use trojan removers extensively when I smell something fishy

yea Harsh, It also deletes all the keyloggers in drives.

I have four legitimate keylogger programs and Zone Alarm (a 4-year old version) always warned me the first time I tried to startthem up, until I ticked "always allow." I recently got NOD32 AV4.0 because, despite great detection, BitDefender's program glitches were getting worse with each new release. I tried your settings, and NOD32 does not say a peep about any of the logger programs, whether by on-demand scan or when I start one of the programs. After some further research I had already started to regret my purchase of NOD32, and despite your good intentions this doesn't help. But I bought 2 2-year licenses based on its reputation, and I don't think it's refundable.

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