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Magazeen Blogger Template

Well, it been a long time I wrote any post about Blogger Template. While Googling today I cam across a beautiful magazine style Blogger Template called Magazeen. Have a look at the screenshot below :


Looks nice.Thanks.I'll put it to use.

@ Tanuj Lakhina

Yes, you should use this template but remember one thing if you know html and CSS, just change the width of the sidebar to place Google Ads there. If you do not know do to do it, I can help you with it !!

I'll try and if am having some issues with it then I would ask.I have also put the template you're using into consideration :p

Hey its a wp converted theme so it doesnt support all feautures

this templates is waste, no english language

Hey Gagan can you help me with editing of this template.With the images on the top,I would like it to change with an image I pick and the link thereof be of the new post.I hope that was clear.Thanks :)

Hey its a wp converted theme so it doesnt support all feautures

what other features you want ??

how to add js files in blogger,

well, i write a post on how to add js files to blogger now itself, plz wait for 24 hrs !!

this templates is waste, no english language

:p, sorry bro cnt help with that !!

@ Tanuj Lakhina

add me on Gtalk and i'll tell you there. I am online from 9-10 pm daily.

I ended up installing another template because this one was giving some problems or missed something which I noticed later.I don't remember properly.Although the newly installed template isn't in total working condition either so I might need help with that or end up installing something afresh. I installed the template here.Thanks.

great templates
submit it to

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