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How Not To Get Ban From Google Adsense : Part 1

Here is a quick working tip on how not to get ban from Google Adsense. Due to lack of knowledge and ignorance, new Adsense publishers get their account ban from Google.

Google is very strict about its rules and regulations and we should keep in mind that Google is far smartter than us and we cannot fool it. So before using any service online try to get more nd more information about it. Lets come back to Google Adsense.

If you have a blog/site/forum, just make sure that :

a) Google hates Wares : Always make sure that your site should not be contains illegal stuff like pirated softwares, games, movies. Cracks, keygens and serials are all pirated stuff and Google really hates it. If you want to start a new blog please do not select this niche.

b) Google Hates Wares Linking : Never ever include link to that page in your blog/site that has pirated stuff. Yes ! even linking to pirated stuff is against Google TOS.

I'll be back with some more tips on How Not To Get Ban From Google Adsense


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