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What Is The Difference Between A Program And A Software

First of all I would like to apologize for using this image. I was not getting any other image for this post.
Well, today's post of mine is about a general topic. Yesterday I was reading an article about software development. The article was interesting, but there was a common mistake in it. The writer was using the word program, instead of software.

I have also seen a lot of famous Bloggers that makes a simple mistake by calling program, a software. It does not look good when a professional make such a mistake. Below are some major points that will explain you the difference between a program and a software.

Program :

1) Program is developed by individuals for their personal use.
2) As compared to a software, it is small in size and consumes very less memory.
3) A single developer is needed to develop a program.
4) A program lacks proper documentation. We can give comments in case of a program.
5) A program has some limited functionality.

Software :

1) A software product is developed by a group of engineers, working as a team.
2) Software is large in size.
3) A team of developers are needed to develop a software.
4) Software products favors good documentation support.
5) When talking about software, it has a wide range of functionality.

I hope you have got a basic difference between a software and a program and in future you will not make this mistake.


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