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How To Disable The New Tab Page Option In Google Toolbar 5

Yesterday I saw all the tech blogs writing about the new tab page feature in Google Toolbar 5. Reading about this new feature, I also installed the latest version and tried this new option but personally I did not like it at all.

Though it has some benefits but whenever I try to open a new tab (ctrl+t) my Firefox hangs for about 1 second to load the thumbnails of the Most Visited web pages. Its really an annoying feature.

Google Chrome does not hang at all while opening a new tab. That is why I have disabled the new tab page option. Below is a procedure to disable this feature :

1) In the Google Toolbar, click on icon and select Options.

2) Under the Web-browsing tools remove the tick on Enable the Google new tab page. Have a look :

3) Now click on Save and restart your browser.

From now your browser will not hang when opening a new tab.

What do you have to say about this new feature ?


Yea, you said it right Gagan.

Yea ... It hangs in firefox. But chrome has it built in and it has no such problem. Chrome is a lot better than firefox if speed is concerned.

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