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Easiest Way To Catch IP Address Of Any Person Online

Last time I wrote a post on how to find location, operating system and browser details of anyone on Internet. Today's post of mine is quite similar to it. Now you will ask if the post is same then what is the use of writing the same post again and again !

Well I'll answer this question at the last of this article. Lets come to the point.

While Googling today I found an interesting website IP Catcher. Its a free service that is used to track the IP address.

How to use this service :

1) First visit IPCatcher.

2) Now choose a redirect URL and a password and the script will create you a link.

3) Then send this link to anyone you know (online) and the script will record their I.P.

4) Click Login at the bottom of the page to login and view the IP addresses of those who have visited your link. Simple !

Visit and enjoy : IPCatcher

Many times due to load in traffic the site stops working for some time, if it happens you can try this post also. I hope the answer is clear now !


thanks yup i like this blog hehehe...keep up ok!!

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