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Compare Google, Yahoo, and MSN With One Search

Which search engine do you use for searching anything on web ?? Most of you will say Google and rest will say Yahoo or MSN but what if I tell you about a search engine that can search your one query with 3 different search engines i.e Google, Yahoo, MSN

Jux2 is a search engine that provides a clean, simple way to see all the results from the most important major search engines. When you enter any keyword to search Jux2 crawls the top 3 search engine and gives you the result in no time.

Have a look at the screenshot below :

In the above screenshot you can see some text like #2 on Google and #9 on MSN. This means that the present link ranks number 2 in Google and number 9 on MSN. In this way you can search all the 3 search engines in a single click.

Visit and enjoy :


This looks damn cool and useful! stumbled :)

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