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Send & Archive : New Gmail Lab Feature

Here is new Gmail Labs feature known as Send & Archive by Pal T.

When you get any mail from any of your friend and you send a reply you should be taken to Inbox page but by default Gmail shows the conversation page along with some options like Back to Inbox, Archive, Report Spam, Delete....., have a look :

The new feature of Gmail Labs helps you to send the reply, just archive the conversation and take you back to your Inbox. At least its a good feature for me.

How to enable it :

>> Open Gmail and at the top click on Settings.

>> Now click on Labs.

>> Search for Send & Archive and select Enable and at the bottom select Save Changes.

This will add a Send & Archive button just beside Send. If you want to go to Inbox after sending reply simply click on Send & Archive else click Send.

Via : GoogleSystem


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