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Monitor Your Applications With Kiwi Application Monitor

Kiwi Application Monitor is a small program which lets you monitor your applications/processes, Windows and User activity. It's freeware and without any spyware or adware.

All you need to do is select an application or process from the build-in process viewer or enter an application's exe name. The program can be set to start with Windows and run in background with small system resources usage.

Monitored application's information:

>> application start time
>> run time
>> average run time per session
>> average run time per day
>> average run time per active day
>> max run time per session
>> max run time per active day
>> total run time
>> current memory usage
>> average memory usage
>> peak memory usage in this session
>> max peak memory usage
>> cpu time used in this session
>> days monitored

Download Instructions : Click here to visit the download link from the official website.


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