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The Lovely, Popular And Long Awaited Pink Paula Firefox Theme Is Back

The long awaited PP, or PinkPaula theme, is now *finally* available for Firefox 3 to 3.1b2. The PPP ( Pack edition ) comes with integrated about: pink extension, brings a pink themed search engine and additional options.

This pack contains :

>> 3.1.0 Fixes based on End-User feedback - Personal Bookmarks toolbar size.
>> 3.0.9 has pinklized download progress bar and fixes to download buttons
>> 3.0.8 color adjusts - removed a bit the too much white in the bars - user feedback
3.0.7 Preferences panel, Bookmarks inline panel, Page Info is beautiful
3.0.6 Love to buttons backgrounds, the rounded borders now mathematically implemented
>> 3.0.5 Findbar, better pref icons
>> 3.0.4 Icons work
3.0.3 UrlBar much better
>> 3.0.2 nightmare!
3.0.1 initial toolbar - inspiration, Dec 24th

Installation Instructions : Click here to install.


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