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Download Any File From Any Site In A Single Click

Here is a free service that allows you to download all files, audio, movies, links, applications, objects, style sheets and images from a web page to your hard disk in a single click of a button.

How to use it :

1) Just visit File2HD and enter the URL from which you want to download any file.

2) Now, select the option that suits your need. If you want to download images just select the image radio button .

3) Do not forget to put a tick on I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.

4) When you will click on Get Files, it will show you all the list of images present on that web page and you can download images simply by right clicking on the link and selecting Save Target As

As an example I have taken my blog URL. Have a look :

click on the image to enlarge

Visit and enjoy : File2HD


Can you tell me what is the use of this website ? :d

@ Preet

There are many images that we cannot save directly into our hard disk, you can use this tool to copy such images, sounds easily... :)

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