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144 Adobe Photoshop Web 2.0 Styles

Here are 144 Web 2.0 styles for Adobe Photoshop for giving different styles to your text and shapes. With these styles you can create alot of different logo's in a single click of a button. Have a look :

How to use Styles :

1) First download Web 2.0 Styles from here. Always remember that the style file is in .asl format.

Note : The above file is in RAR format and you will need Winrar to extract the style file from it.

2) After extracting it, open Adobe Photoshop and at the top bar click on Window and select Styles. A style window will appear in the right hand side panel.

3) In the right hand side style panel click on a little arrow pointing downwards and click on Load Styles... Have a look :

4) Now navigate to the .asl file that you downloaded in Step 1 and you will get all the styles in a matrix form.

5) If you want to apply any style to the text simply write anything and click on the style that you want to apply.

6) And you are done !


thnx bhai it is very useful for logo but does it work with gimp????

Bro, I have never used GIMP !! :(

If you're looking for a Gimp version of this try

It's basically just about 30 of these styles converted for use with gimp.

Thnx dude
I was lookin for xmthing like this

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