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Access Your PC Anytime Anywhere With iCloud

The icloud service is all about giving you a greater computing experience and the comfort of always having your own desktop accessible wherever you go. All settings, icons and documents will stay exactly where you left them. You use icloud through your web browser or cell phone.

After you sign up on icloud you will receive your own highly customizable desktop, get access to plenty of useful online applications and a secure online file system. You can use icloud the same way you use your existing desktop.

With icloud you also get access to some truly unique features such as rich online collaboration, social networking and very easy publishing functionalities. These features and many more are built-in features in the icloud desktop.

Here are some quick features about Icloud :

* Free applications like an office suite
* Secure, backuped file storage
* All friends, documents and applications in the cloud
* Sharing and collaboration in real-time
* XML development tools included - adopt for your needs
* Integrated social community
* Works online and offline
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