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Windows XP Boot Screens Of Best Games Of All Time

I created some boot screens of my all time favorite PC games. These boot screens are for Windows XP and can be installed with TuneUp Utilities. I'll tell you how to install these boot screens to your PC at the end of this post.

Lets Start :

1) Civilization Boot Screen

2) GTA Boot Screen

3) Half Life Boot Screen

4) Hitman Boot Screen

5) Max Payne Boot Screen

6) Need For Speed Boot Screen

7) Unreal Tournament Boot Screen

8) Warcraft Boot Screen

How To Install These Boot Screens : Just download and install TuneUp Utilities from here

After installing it download any boot screen from above and double click on it. TuneUp Utility window will pop up. At the bottom left click on Install Boot Screen.

Have a look :

Restart your PC and you are done.


These themes does not work in vista????

Amazing Gagan... thanks.. i love the UT one..

@ Vinay

I hvnt tried this in Vista ! Just give a try and do reply !

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