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Montastic : Your Free Website Monitoring Service

Montastic is a free service that monitor all your websites and watch them change color as they go up or down.

If you don't have time to sit and stare at the monitor, lucky you, Montastic will send you an email each time a server changes status.

Some features about Montastic :

  • Get an email when your site goes down
  • Get an email when it goes back up
  • Read statuses via RSS or Mac & PC widgets
  • Fun, easy and elegant user interface
  • Up to 100 websites monitored
  • Support for https and port number
How to use it : Just register a new account and add your blog/site there and if your site goes down you will be informed via email.

Visit and enjoy :


This is a good blog with lots of information about it. I like how it covers the topic very well.

I'm new at this, check out my blog and let me know what you think.

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@ Mberenis

Tnx 4 your comments !! I'll surely visit your blog and give comments there :)

Nice tool, anyways not useful for me as I use blogspot. :d

Hey buddy great going :D
I saw your new template by Antonio and I really liked it yea. I got some suggestions and bugs for ya, I thought of scrapping you about this then I decided to post it here.

01. This link in the homepage:
Top 5 very important test for your PC
Is wrongly entered by you, please edit to:

02. Now scroll down a bit and edit this also:
Browse all tutorials

To may be this:

03. Now move on to your sidebar. You have provided with this:
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
I suggest you better change them to this:

04. Now moving in the sidebar to your labels. Buddy I think you must better edit all of those links to something like this:
So that a reader accessing them doesn't end up with a heavy page showing many links [coz your blog is big]. Hope you get it.

05. Now to this:
Must Download : Mozilla Firefox
Buddy why not hyperlink the image to:

06. Now over to recent comments section. Dude why have you hyperlinked Recent Comments to:
Coz you have already mentioned in the title as recent comment, so a person would like to go ro comments and not to homepage, hope you get it :)

07. Buddy you must remove this label:
As google may index your site to their cracks site.

That's it!

I got this much suggestions right now. Will reply you back when I will have something new for you.

Sorry if I get wrong somewhere.

P.S. If you want to reward me back, then you can do this by posting a article here, as how you edited Antonio's template to the one you using right now. That will be really appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.


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@ Bariski

Thanks for the comment. Its the first time I got such a comment. Thanks :)

I worked on all the topics you told :)

Thanks again.

Its because of you people that we try to improve ourselves. Thanks :)

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