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84Productions V3.0 With A New Look

I am very happy to announce the new version of 84Productions. Earlier we had Pop Blue template and now we shifted to The Daily Inspired designed by Antonio Lupetti.

I hope you will like the new look of this blog. Do send us your feedback.


awesome look \m/

keep rocking Gagan

very good theme bhai you have a source of constant inspiration for all of us.,

Thanks alot Alok for your feedback.

I think the one which was before was better

i think the template which was before was better

@ ۩۩Ħǔžĕ₣ắ۩۩

Hmmmm I was using that template for quite a long time that's why I changed it.

PopBlue was good but this isn't bad :)

The sidebar looks very nice.

Hi Gagan,

The sidebar is awesome.. But the header part is filled with much elements and is bit cluttered.

As I feel, the header part gives the 1st impression about a blog and it is messy over there :(

I like the previous One...and dude...stop submitting only your article on Digg all the time. DIgg people might ban you because of this, and this is what they did to can ask me to submit your article!


@ virgintech

Oh I did'nt knew that !! Tnx alot !

@ Deepak Jain

hmm I'll try to edit the header part !! Tnx 4 ur feedback :)

Hey Deepak I think the header now looks neat !!

Great template Gagan :) But I guess you can have a better title design, the present one look similar to Digital Inspiration. Keep the great work coming :)

Gr8 ... Simple , Sober and Sweet..

good going

Gagan, can you tell me how you edit this?
When I download it at THE DAILY INSPIRATION, it only gave a html file. Can you tell me how to edit it so that I can upload it to my other blogs?

@ Amirul Ashraff

Just change .html to .xml and upload it to your

Actually is not a user friendly template as it does not contain any page elements !! We have to add/delete sidebar gadgets through editing the HTML code only.

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