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When Did You Installed Your Last Windows

There was a time when I had to install my Windows after a week or two due to virus attacks and now its been 168 days, my Windows are working fine till now.

Surprised how I counted the days of my original installed date of my Windows ? Ok, here is a simple method to check when did you installed your last Windows.

Open Start Menu and click on RUN, type CMD and hit Enter.

Command prompt will open, type systeminfo in it and again hit Enter and you will see a long list of your system information. There look for Original Installed Date.

Have a look :

Click on the image to enlarge

You can also check that for how much time the Windows is working.

More Windows tricks here.


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Hi Gagan Paji ki hal chal,i just installed my new pc with AMD tri-core so my machine is 29 days old...btw never use AVG :D

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