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What Is Thumbs.db File ?

You might have seen thumbs.db file while using Windows XP. Its a hidden file by default and you can view it by going to Tools >> Folder Options >> View >> Show Hidden Files and Folders.

About Thumbs.db : Its a cache of the image/picture that is in a particular directory.

What's the use of this file : Whenever you view any image as thumbnail, this file helps in showing thumbnail faster.

What is the drawback of this file : As told above that file is automatically created, so if you have lots of thumbs.db file it can eat your hard disk space.

What if I simply delete this file : When you will delete this file just by pressing delete button, this file will automatically be created whenever you will view any image as thumbnail.

How can I permanently delete this file : To permanently delete this file from your computer use Everything Search Engine to search for this file in your Local Drives. Select all the files and press Shift+Delete
How to turn this feature off : To disable this feature do the following :

Go to My Computer >> Click on Tools at the top and click on Folder Options.

The the upper tab select View tab and put a check on Do not cache thumbnails and click Apply and OK.

Have a look :


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