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Send Free Fax Through Internet

I hardly use FAX service but if you use it frequently this post may help you. Yesterday I found a website with which you can send free FAX through Internet and all for free.

Limitations : FAX can only be received in USA or CANADA but can be sent from anywhere in the world.

About FAxZero : FaxZero lets you send a fax to any fax machine in the United States (including Puerto Rico) or Canada for free. You don't need a fax machine yourself, but you do need a valid e-mail address.

Visit and enjoy :

For more info click here


what a great service thanks alot...
More Info for readers of this blog
For A Free user:
Ad on the cover page
Fax 1 document—maximum 3 pages
Maximum 2 free faxes per day

Just $1.99 per fax (Paypal)
No ad on the cover page
Fax 1 document—maximum 15 pages
Priority delivery

thanks again 4 that great site

Thanks for the information and other source to send fax messages online for free.

I am using free fax service from 800PBX which is fast and simple to send fax messages to any fax number in US and Canada.

I wish this information will double the number to send free fax messages through online.

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