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Gmail Labs Comes With A New Feature : Stop Sending Mail You Later Regret

Google Labs recently started a new feature known as Mail Goggles which helps you not to send emails when you are drunk or tired ! Sounds interesting !

How to enable this service : To activate this service go to Gmail>> Settings >> Labs and enable Mail Goggles and click Save Changes.

Now go to General tab and set your date, time and days and again click on Save Changes.

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About this service : Well this service will be a fun to use. After enabling this service whenever you will try to send any mail you will randomly get some mathematics sums to solve.

What's the use of this service : According to me the best use of this service will be to drinkers. Its impossible to send any mail when this service is enabled.

Source : Official Gmail Blog


ha...ha...ha ! sounds interesting.

But it will be difficult for those who are weak in mathematics.

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