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Folder Background Images in Windows XP : Add Any Image To Folder Background

Here is a simple tutorial with which you can add any image to your Folder Background. This tutorial works for Windows XP only. You can modify any folder you want, in simple 5 steps given below.

Not only Folders you can also add cool images to your C,D or E Drives also. Just give it a try and I am sure you will like it.

Have a look :

Here is a step by tutorial :

Step 1) First make a new folder in which you want to add background. For explanation I take a folder as Gagan.

Step 2) Now open Notepad, copy and paste the following code in it.

IconArea_Image=path of the image

Step 3) Now in the IconArea_Image just enter the path of the image that you want to set a background. If the image is in the same folder then no need to give the path simply enter the name of the image along with the extension i.e


Step 4) Now save the notepad file and name is as Desktop.ini

Step 5) That's it ! Just open you folder and now you can see the folder with the selected image as background.

If this method is not working click here to see the alternative method.


hi gagan its not working .i dont understand y its not working.

@ ^^^
No Friend, Its Working Gr8...
Make Sure you aren't making any mistake in giving the path...

For Eg: if the image background.jpg is in the same folder as desktop.ini file then the path will be


Also You might have Acually Saved the File as desktop.ini.txt
where the .txt can't be seen by you. I mistake i used to do when I was Small.

Repeat the process and while saving select "All Files"

hi gagan i tried this trick on vista and its not working(as this trick is only for XP :( Is there any tricks of this kind in vista too :)

Same, not working for me too. I tried it many times.

Sorry friend its not working, it may be that the code which you have provided is particularly for your machine but its different for others...

Please have a research on it...

Ok Debo I'll check the code in some other PC as well !!

Tnx !! :)

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