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Feedburner Showing 0 Subscribers

It seems that Feedburner is experiencing some problem today. In the morning when I checked my account I saw 788 subscribers but now in the evening in has decreased to 0 (ZERO) and even the graph too.

Have a look :

Graph also showing 0 subscribers :

But the Chicklet I have placed in my blog sidebar is showing 788 subscribers !! Its a strange problem I came across today.

Hope this problem will be fixed soon !! Are you also facing the same problem ?


Gagan, don't worry! This happens to me a lot ;)

I have come to realize that my feedburner stats update each day just after 10am GMT. However, while the update is in progress, my subscriber counts drop to 0 when viewed through my Feedburner dashboard. Some days it can take up to 6 hours for the stats to update!

Eventually your stats will update to reflect any changes. Just wait a few hours or even until tomorrow and you'll understand what I mean :)

Hope this helps put your mind at rest!

same for me

0 subscribers showing...:(

hope it will be fixed soon

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